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Thread: Squirrels being poisoned

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    Just found this thread. So sad.
    I have personally experienced many of my wild squirrels being poisoned and I believe it is a very potent water resistant, fast acting, brodifacoum for which there is no treatment.
    Was not able to get anyone to care much.
    Terribly heartbreaking.

    But you say that you spoke to her. What I find missing in this.. is what your conversation was like: IE: WHY does she hate them so.? Why kill them?. Does she fear them?
    Does she enjoy animals suffering? Can she imagine the pain and fear they experience. Does she have family, children, pets? Does she hate them as well ?
    Does she seem to have no ability to empathize with others ?

    In my situation, I was not able to find who was doing the poisoning. But with you, i mean is there any hope of communication?
    Can you get on her good side.
    Buy her something she likes, or befriend her, maybe suggest having coffee, or something, get chummy and try to get inside her head.
    Find some reason to get her to let you on her property so you can in some way alter her behavior.
    Maybe she could be "educated"? Maye she has other mental problems.
    Maybe this is only a symptom of other harm she is capable of ?

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