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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1959 View Post
    First, I donít think itís a good idea for you to let him outside. He may scamper up a tree and not come back down because heís too frightened. We never recommend allowing them outside without a cage until they are prepared and ready to be released.

    How old is Orville? The fact that heís frightened should tell you that heís not prepared for a life in the trees yet. Are you familiar with the slow release method? Hereís a link that will explain it.

    Singleton squirrels do better if they are released at an older fact all squirrels do IMO.

    The animal shelter will not know what to do with him and would probably euthanize him. It may not be easy to find a rehabilitator that will release for you but Iíd definitely go that route. Reach out to Mary Cummins at Animal Advocates 323-651-1336. Sheís in the Los Angeles area and may be able to help or direct you to someone who can.

    Please donít let Orville outside anymore, he may take off and youíll never see him again. That is not the way for him to be introduced to a life in the trees.
    Hi, so I contacted the number for Mary but the number is no longer a working number. I contacted Shasta Wildlife Rescue at 530-365-4522 and spoke with a very nice lady. I told her everything that has happened to date with Orville. They have had some emergency calls regarding other squirrels found and injured and since my little guy is doing so well they will handle the emergencies and then make arrangements to pick my little guy up. At this point, Orville has only been in contact with me and my daughter, however, he has been around my daughter's dog and my three cats. The Shasta Wildlife Rescue also knows this so she said he may need a water bottle squirt to keep him from coming up to strangers or animals that could hurt him. They will complete the soft and hard release from here which will also include allowing him to have more time under their care before this happens.

    Thank you all for the help you have given me to help Orville live out his life. I have learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes but thankfully none of my mistakes resulted in death. It has all been a success

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    If he is to be released in the near future you should stop clipping his nails. They need these to climb and jump in trees with speed, agility and precision. Furthermore, the claws are weapons, very handy for backing off a predator if the situation is desperate. Of course, the claws are also needed for digging up and burying nuts.

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