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When we left yesterday morning everyone seemed fine. Got up and found Doodles my neuro/malocclusion with a dangling top incisor that fell out when I touched it, and her nostrils completely sealed shut with thick , infected mucus. She felt hot with fever and was open mouth breathing. I dosed her with clavamox and Clindamycin, and Meloxicam, and started tiny drops of saline in her nostrils and am trying to suction out globs as they come. She seemed to improve over the last few hours and even took a couple bites of boo ball for me. But just now I checked and she was ďclicking ď as she breaths , even though her nostrils seem open? And I caught glimpses of red inside her mouth, and got these pictures; is this normal?? It looks like ulcers/plaques we see in cats that have certain viral diseases. What is this?? Should I try prednisone tomorrow instead of Meloxicam?? Iím so at a loss as to what came over her, so fast??