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Thread: Baked squirrel blocks

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    Default Baked squirrel blocks

    I've got a question about baked squirrel blocks,
    If I'm using HT 2018 ,coconut flour, coconut oil, eggs, nuts,
    Foxvalley 2050, applesauce, double acting baking powder no added aluminum and almond extract why does the recipe call for a package of Henry's vitamins? I thought that HT2018 had all the vitamins in it . Oh and what's the best whey to use ?

    Also could you please comment your baked squirrel block recipes on this post please and thank you.

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    Default Re: Baked squirrel blocks

    My recipe doesn’t call for Harlan block or vitamins, but it does call for whey protein. I bought my whey protein from Henrys.
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