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Thread: Two babies need help in the Villages, Fl!

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    Default Two babies need help in the Villages, Fl!

    Just got a call from an old coworker at a bar I used to work at. Babies fell last night, and Momma has not been back to claim them. I told them to play some baby squirrel cries on their phones and see if any squirrels come to investigate while I try and figure out where they can go if no squirrel come back for them.

    I am happy to transport. I'm in New Smyrna right now, but we're about to head back and I'm not doing anything the rest of the day. I'm going to scroll through the list of Fl rehabbers and see if there is anyone close by who can take them, but if someone knows of someone here first, awesome! I'm just trying to get them help as fast as possible.

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