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Thread: Non life threatening!!! A tad aggressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Monkey View Post
    Raccoons are nocturnal so often the only clue of their presence is footprints in snow or mud. They are frequent dumpster divers and love a well stocked trash can. So, they have adapted to city life.

    You might want to cut some wedge blocks and attach them to the roof and cut a wider piece of plywood, which overhangs the walls, and attach it to the wedges to create some pitch in order to improve water shedding. Might consider a shingle or two as well. They can often be bought singly. Maybe felt underneath if you happen to have some.
    I have game cameras up around my house, occasionally I see a deer, Iíve seen like 1 fox bu that was 5 years ago or longer. I have them up partially for security and the other is for the deer that wander through the neighborhood. I am going to add him and covered porch with banisters in front of his door with ample room for him to get in and out, but so nothing can reach in and get him. Also I am going to add a secondary level possibly to it like that will be his first chamber then add a secondary chamber below that all I will have to do is cut a hole and match them up...hopefully my idea will work. Bigger roof is definitely in order but that was the biggest piece I had left. The fleece I am using has never pilled, still like brand new and believe me I have washed it to death since finding Tuff. But every idea is a great idea I swear when finding a squirrel. His survival is my success story. It definitely took me a minute to catch up to all of this but we are coming along great. Before itís over Tuff will have him own squirrel mansion in the

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    Default Re: Non life threatening!!! A tad aggressive.

    Tinkerbelle is a ground squirrel, so some preferences may not be the same, but man is she ever into making her nest!

    About once a month I have to just reach in a grab giant handfuls of nesting material out of her bed because it is piling up towards the top of her cage in that area. She shreds any blanket or towel she can get a hold of, as well as paper scraps.

    Her favorite thing ever, though, is a roll of toilet paper. So cute to watch her busily processing that into a nest.

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