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So i found these two along with their nest on the ground when they were around 3-4 weeks old(eyes already opened). I fed them cerelac formula. In this photo they are 2 and a half months old, and right now they are 4 and a half months old.
Since the last 20 they have been going out to my backyard during the morning and come back to the house by the evening. My backyard has a lot of trees and and atleast 3-4 squirrels.
One of them didnt return for two of the nights and ended up staying out in the cold throughout the night(i tried searching for her but couldnt find her).
For some reason the other squirrels are very hostile towards both of my squirrels, they keep trying to throw them off of branches and chase them out of trees. I do not understand this behavior because my squirrels literally do nothing for them to act this way. And my squirrels also do no fight back. This can turn out to be dangerous when there is a predator like cat near the tree and one of the squirrels throws or chases off one of my squirrels out of the tree.
I think both of them do not eat much outside, cuz when they return back in the evening they look thin and also eat up and drink a lot of water super fast. I feel like they are starving throughout the day.
Due to these reasons i thought about letting them free once they are a bit older(5-6 months), but now that they have gotten a taste of the outside world they do not like spending their entire day indoors. I tried keeping them inside the house one day, and they looked very sad and depressed and didnt move an inch from one of the corners, i felt so bad i had to let them free after some time.
Although now i very rarely see any cats even near let alone inside my backyard, my major concern in terms of predation are hawks and eagle.
What would be the best thing to do right now?