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Thread: Help Needed Unstable after seizure/stoke.

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    Default Re: Help Needed Unstable after seizure/stoke.

    Quote Originally Posted by nixnix View Post
    Update on Scump D, he is getting better. He a bit more active and started eating more and I leave almonds for him. He is eating the blocks again and moving around the cage more. He still has some balance issues and wants to sleep more than normal. I did find a vet in the area that will see squirrels but may hold off and try the CBD oil that was recommended by Judi. They did say a blood work would help determine whats going on inside so I may consider taking him in sometime soon. I did manage to get some 300 mg Gabapentin and wanted to know if I should give him some or try the CBD first. Thanks everyone for your input, it has been helpful.

    You guys came to my rescue three years ago when he had a bladder infection. I received the medication and dosage from the great members in this group.

    Todays update, He seems to have recovered from his ordeal. Not sure how but he is about 95% of his old self. I have been giving him the CBD oil from Wholetree thanks to Judi. So far no seizures since his last big one.

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    Default Re: Help Needed Unstable after seizure/stoke.

    Awesome update!

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