My Squarbee turned 10yrs old yesterday since I've had her. She is sneezing & wheezing every third breath, i live in Florida in a rural area that no vet around handles squirrels, & my car can't make a trip at this time. I realized she's old, and first let me explain she has had a fatty tumor growing on her chest for 2 years it's reached a point that's it's so large it gets in her way, still can walk, she just can't jump like she did, it never seemed to hurt her not but touch it's like a saggy large boob, but since the weather change when it got cold she stayed in her bed , then after a week or so i noticed she wasn't as active thinking she was just cold or getting old, but then 2 days ago started to sneeze it's like a runny nose but then i noticed the wheezing & it's getting worse , I don't know what i can do, i don't want her to suffer & I'm afraid even if i find a vet due her age they will euthanize her, Idk if the tumor is the cause of she got sick due to weather , If im able to get a ride I am afraid i will put her thru unessary stress that could be worse on her breathing. Please advice is she to old for help. I'm so torn. She's still eating and drinking she just having a hard time breathing, like shortness of breath.