I am new to this group. I rescued a fox squirrel for the first time. It has been fine. It is on my porch and today my daughter didn't get the porch door latched and the cat went on the porch and bit the squirrel. I put antibacterial salve and the bite mark which punctured the skin but is not a bite that would kill him. He was fine after it happened but I know cats mouths are bacterial and deadly from just that. I can't get medicine anywhere. A friend has some doxycillen. What should I do. Should I wait? Will the antibiotic ointment on the bite be ok? This little squirrel im not sure its age. It rolled down the trunk of my silver maple one night and ran and sat on my dads shoe and he picked it up and put it in a blanket and it literally stopped breathing by the time I came home with a heating pad and my dad pushed on it and recessitated it and I warmed him up and he lived and I plan to release him in spring. So I really don't want him to die. Should I give doxycillen or wait?? It happened 1 hr ago