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    Hello All,
    My Andy got a hold of my brother in laws stash on the table and ate a bud of marijuana. I don't know the amount he got away with, but my concern is what I should do as I don't want him to die. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, I just spent a lot of time on websites that might have been problematic for me if it hadn't been legalized in my state (!) and I *think* it will be okay. Apparently a big problem home growers have is having their plants eaten by mice and rats. I do know that raw (unheated) marijuana whether it is still green or has been dried, will not get a human stoned without the addition of heat. It can be an issue with dogs but then again a dog is likely to eat the whole bag, not a single bud. I also know that the reason rats and mice are used for medical testing is because they react similarly to humans.

    That said, activated charcoal if you happen to have some wouldn't hurt - it absorbs toxins.

    How long ago did this happen and are you seeing any issues with him at this point?

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