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Thread: What food should I feed my grey squirrels here in PA

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    Default What food should I feed my grey squirrels here in PA

    Hi I am a new member. I have been feeding the local gray squirrels for a couple years now around my place. I always seem to get close to one in the group. Probably the one that fights off the others lol. They are the nicest cutest little things and also they are very smart and friendly. What more can you ask for.
    I have been feeding them mostly peanuts and recently added store bought chestnuts but I read on here that chestnuts are not that great for them.
    What kind of food can I feed them that will be healthy and nutritious? I feed them every day and will do so always so I am not too concerned if they become dependent on me. I do not mind spending the money for their food.
    Also can anyone suggest a way to give them water? Sometimes it is hot out during the summer. I guess they get water from fruits, I have not yet found a fruit that they like a lot, though sometimes grapes are liked.

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