Hey guys! So Maple has been doing well up until this morning. I panicked because I saw her tail has literally come off, the skin, the fur, everything. There was literally her bone sticking out. I looked here and did research and think it's called a degloved tail. There seems to be a lot of causes, but I'm not sure which one did. So we cleaned the wound with water and put neosporin on a paper towel. We wrapped it on her tail and attached with a bandaid. She was chewing a ton this morning and chewing on her wound, which is why we patched it. We immediately went to the store and bought ferret sticks to chew on, a mineral block with calcium edges, sponge chews for rabbits, and a few more chewables. Her cage was cleaned this morning completely to keep bacteria from getting in. Is there anything else I need to do? Am I missing something and is there something I need to know? She has been chewing everything since we put in her new toys. She eats two blocks of Henry's healthy blocks a day and does not bury them. Am I doing this right? Is she going to be okay? Should I have done something else? Thanks for all your help guys, I appreciate you all.