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    If the urine is very slow /a drop at a time or if its abdomen and bedding are consistently damp the squirrel may have a urinary tract infection. Uti's are often common in paralyzed squirrels because of the inability of most paralyzed squirrels to completely eliminate their bladder. Paralyzed squirrels that drag along the ground with genital area unprotected risk picking up bacteria that can enter through the urethra and set up infection.
    When a squirrel is on a high calcium diet without sufficient Vitamin D and magnesium they will often get small crystals of calcium that come out in the urine.
    Without treatment these crystals form stones in the bladder and kidneys. These crystals being present can cause Uti's because they are sharp and can cut into the bladder wall allowing bacteria to enter.
    Symptoms of both UTI and crystals in the urine include: cloudy urine, possible blood in the urine, unusual or strong smell to the urine, difficulty in eliminating urine.
    They may exhibit small drips of urine instead of a steady stream, lethargy, lack of appetite, pain in the abdominal area. Both UTIs and crystals in the urine will require antibiotics to correct.
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