Hi. There is a young squirrel that visits/ lives in my backyard. I am slightly concerned about it, and want your opinion.
I first noticed it November 5th (today is the 21st.) I am working minimally these days, so I have a lot of time to observe. It has come every single day but two, and has lived through temperature swings, and a really bad wind storm. So it seems to be a survivor.
But here is why I am worried: while it shows no signs of injury, it is very small, and moves and eats slowly. I have watched it for hours, and it will eat about 10 sunflower seeds where another squirrel would eat piles. (I first noticed it under our bird feeders. Since then, I have put sunflower seeds out for it.) It spends a great deal of time buried in leaf piles (sometimes foraging for seeds deep in the pile, sometimes just resting/hiding.)
It grunts at me if I get too close (but is slow so I think I could catch it without difficulty.)
There is an excellent wildlife center nearby, and I contacted them-- they said, "could be ill, could be injured-- we'd be happy to look at it." But I have very mixed feelings about trapping something that keeps making it to another day, and moves about the yard at its own volition.

Please let me know your thoughts on whether I should intervene (more than giving the sunflower seeds.)

In short: small, slow squirrel, not eating a ton, winter approaching. (And isn't it even weird to have a young juvenile this late? From doing some online research, I would size this little thing at 10-12 weeks.)
Thank you so much!