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Thread: Weird Behavior

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    Question Weird Behavior

    So I have had my squirrel for awhile now. Where we have gotten on the schedule of her coming to the window for food and she is just a very active and happy squirrel.

    But today she was crying on a branch on my tree near the window, first I thought she was trying to get my attention but then wouldn’t come down and greet me when I came outside. Nor is she going down to eat the food I have (like she usually does) she is watching me but just staying on the tree branch like she is too scared to come down or didn’t get enough sleep last night since she has her tail over her body like she is cold or trying to sleep.

    Yesterday she was acting weird too. Where she was barking while being on my shoulder like she was trying to tell me something or warn me maybe about a predator being around? I’m not sure but haven’t seen any predators. Anyone ever have this happen?

    Anyone have any idea why she is acting so strange and why she won’t come down to me like she usually does when I call her or ask her too?
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    It does sound like she is predator alarming, it could be something she saw on the ground
    or in the air. Do you have roaming cats and or hawks in the area, do neighbors have dogs?
    In the past year my area had a water tower taken down which evicted some Norway rats
    which were pretty much squirrel size, my wilds would alarm when they saw one of these rats.
    They alarm to hawks, when neighbor lets her dog out in their yard, and even a rabbit sets them
    off. I always scan the area when my wilds alarm because I know something that they saw was
    perceived as a threat,
    State Licensed
    Wildlife Master Rehabilitator

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    Default Re: Weird Behavior

    I didn't see this post and just submitted something about my squirrel making weird sounds... Was she making similar sounds?
    Animals are magical....Thank you everyone who tries to help them, save them tirelessly...

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