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    Hi everyone- this is my first time using this forum. I am so happy to have found it! I found two baby squirrels 2 months ago. I had gotten all the information I need to take care of them well, as my friend used to be a rehabber. They are thriving, happy, and so playful. So here is the situation: The reason I did not give them over to a rehabber, is because first they were swamped and I did not think they would get the love they need to heal. Second is that one of them was injured, and she really needed the extra love and attention- people told me that it was supposedly permanent nerve or brain damage, her front legs were dragging behind her when she tried to walk. They fell from a tree during a storm. I was told that she would not make it, and multiple rehabbers told me that they would have to euthanize her. I really didn't like that response. I could tell she wasn't in pain, my gut was telling me that she needed some more time and love to heal- so that is why I raised them myself. And I can gladly say she is doing wonderfully, she has healed so much, walking and climbing all around, but I can tell that she is not up to par with her brother. I'm afraid that she's not ready to be released, at least not yet.. I don't know if ever really, she is not a strong climber, I'm afraid she'd fall from a tree or get harassed by others. I am thinking that she would make a great pet, and it would be so great if I could find her a permanent home with other squirrels. I know how social they are and I couldn't stand her not having any friends to paly with, she loves playing with her brother even if he is stronger than her.

    Anyways, right now I am over-wintering them, although it is pretty hot in Georgia still, I don't think it's time. I was planning to release him in the spring, or find someone who could help me with that, as I would like for him to be in the wild, and I live in the suburbs, I also don't have the proper release cage. As for her, she's such a sweetheart, and I really need to find her a loving home. Any leads would be greatly appreciated, thank you all <3
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