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    Update on Punkin - started dipping her veggies in pure coconut oil. I have been doing this for a couple of months. She is no longer scratching and her belly hair has completely grown back fuller than before. In fact, her entire coat is thick and shiny. Also, she lives in a shed that we made her home but I really wanted her free. I think we found a perfect balance with her living situation. We put a hole up high on the wall and put a board out it to a tree and built another house in the tree. She now goes between the houses and plays outside all day. She comes back in at night to sleep in her nice cozy sleeping bag I made. She came to us as a baby and that was 2 1)2 years ago. We know she will probably eventually just stay outside but for now with the extreme cold in the Idaho mountains,, we are proud parents of an independent little girl❤️. Know this is long but wanted to share our success with her becoming free.

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    That is indeed a great success story. I hope she continues to stick around and provide you with lots of squirrel grand babies.

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    Coconut oil is a good source of magnesium that increases calcium absorption into the bones.

    The form of saturated fat in organic coconut oil enhances the absorption of fat soluble vitamins from foods.

    Nutritionist: “We aren’t what we eat … we’re what we absorb”.

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