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Thread: Sneezee plus bloody nose

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    Question Sneezee plus bloody nose

    Let me preface this with I’m not a professional rehaber, but between my wife and I plus the internet we have a fair amount of experience with different animals... This is my #2 rehab. My first one dating back to 2017 after some hurricanes. Which turned out great and was released in our front yard and lived happy and would check back with us up until we moved... so anyways.
    So quick back story. I work for the fire department and mid September while working out in the bay we rustling around the trees and then watched a baby squirrel fall 20 ish feet on top of a shed. Went and got her and placed her in a box at the base of the tree to see if mom would get her but she never came and then a cat started eye balling her so I decided to take her in. I estimated that she was maybe 3-4 weeks as her eyes were not open yet and would not open for another week or week and a half.
    We’ve been introducing her to the area where we plan on releasing her by taking her out there and letting her climb around until she decides to come back.
    Fast forward to today. And also about 5 days ago. She would not come back down from the tree and we unfortunately had to leave. So I relatively quickly built her a house with roof, her blankets etc. And screwed it to the tree. In the morning my wife went to check the house and found her In it with a small amount of blood coming from her nose. We thought she may have fallen, attacked (although there was no other signs of an “attack”)Z She was also somewhat lethargic for about 1/2 day, we brought her back inside and bythe evening she was spruced up. So yesterday the “bloody nose” incident has returned. We’re pretty sure she did not fall or caused herself any trauma. Blood amount seems fairly minimal but enough to be noticeable around her nose. I read about pneumonia and “click breathing” and she has been “sneezy”. I don’t think I would consider it click breathing but I’m not sure. It sounds more like her nasopharynx May be irritated or something ? 🤷🏻*♂️ She is still active climbing all over, and eating.

    Sooo ya. Sorry for the lengthy post but she has been thriving and we want to make sure she continues to do well for her future release.
    Attached is a video to maybe help “diagnose”
    Thanks for your inputs!

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    Default Re: Sneezee plus bloody nose

    . Let me start off by saying that your girl is entirely too young to be released. I’m relieved you got her back inside. If she was only 3-4 weeks old in mid September that would make her only about 10 weeks old now. We don’t recommend releasing until 14-16 weeks old and even older for singletons. She needs to go through a proper slow release process where she is placed in an outside release cage for several weeks where she can acclimate to the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Are you not releasing on your property? If so that’s even more reason for her to be older when released. Learning to find food, build a nest (if hers gets taken) and adapting to the hierarchy of the established squirrels are skills that they get better at when they’re older. It’s nice to be able to support them by providing food once they’re released, too. Here is a link to the soft release process.

    As for the sneezy bloody nose. If she fell she may have bumped her nose which is the reason for the blood and congestion. Have you checked her teeth? It’s also fairly common for them to break incisors when they fall which can be a problem since their teeth never stop growing.

    When you hold her up to your ear like a phone do you hear a clicking noise with each breath? Did you check her over for any puncture wounds? Is there a chance a cat could have had her in its mouth? Cat saliva is deadly to squirrels. We always recommend a course of antibiotics if this is suspected.

    I live on the coast about an hour from you if you need help with releasing or anything else. I also know of some squirrel folks in the Orlando area if needed.

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