I found a baby chipmunk today that appeared to be around 4-5 weeks old. She appeared to be abandoned, but otherwise in good health, so I brought her inside and gave her some small apple pieces and grape pieces, which she ate.

I also tried to give her some pedialyte and formula from a very small syringe (from a baby squirrel formula recipe) but she did not seem at all interested in it, other than licking up a few drops of pedialyte from the ground that leaked from the syringe. She seemed much more interested in sleeping.

I put a small bowl filled with pedialyte, then switched the bowl to formula, in the cage with her, but I want to make sure she can get enough liquid from the bowl, or does some need to be from the syringe? And should I put water in the cage at this point?

I cannot hold her to feed her because she is so small that she slips through my fingers. She is about the size of a mouse. I have tried holding the syringe right up to her face, but I’m not sure what else to do. She doesn’t seem quite old enough to be eating seeds and ignored the ones I gave her. So basically, at this point is she old enough to drink solely from a bowl, and if not, how should I make sure she’s getting enough liquid? Any other general tips would be appreciated as well. Thanks!