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Thread: Baby flyer questions

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    Default Baby flyer questions

    Hi all! I recently got a baby flyer at 8 weeks(hes almost 10 weeks now), from a friend of a friend. First time owning something thats not a cat or fish. Ive been working on bonding with him. He's very content to stay in my sports bra when hes eating or sleeping, but when hes awake and alert, he wants to go EVERYWHERE. I have a draft stopper coming in the mail so he can have (supervised) time out of the cage in my bedroom. Once he bonds more will he have less of a tendency to run to the nearest nook or cranny? I feel bad that hes locked up for all of his active time, but I cant have him getting lost, stepped on, or getting into anything dangerous in my house.

    Additionally, I got him a bonding pouch and he HATES it. Spends his entire time in there trying to gnaw his way to freedom. Should I continue to just leave him in it until he habituates or should I just listen to him and leave him in the cage when I'm not home? Will he like the bonding pouch more with time?

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    Flyers are not real cuddly unless they’re sleeping. They are like an ADHD child, constantly moving!

    Mine tolerated being carried around when he was young in my sports bra, but hated the bonding pouch, too. Now I give him the opportunity to do some jumping by taking him into a bedroom or bathroom while I supervise. Always be sure toilet lids are closed whenever your guy is out. They will drown in the toilet.

    You should consider getting a wheel for your guy. The large wheels that are made for sugar gliders are perfect. Mine uses his often.

    This is the type I have. It’s very silent.

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