One of my wild friends, Peetie, is having some difficulty eating nuts (possibly more on that later, keeping an eye on the situation). I made him a small platter of the soft foods I had on hand today- avocado and a little bit of plain yogurt. He happily ate the avocado but ignored the yogurt.

I went back to clean up Peetie's dish to discover that another wild, Mrs. Wobbly, had eaten the yogurt. Mrs. Wobbly is an approximately 3 year old eastern grey who has been "neuro" for the past year or so (head tilts, balance issues). She's improved with time and seems to get along just fine, but she does rely on me quite a bit for her daily snacks. She stopped eating Henry's blocks recently and only takes nuts and avocado.

Since she seems to enjoy it, is it ok to offer her yogurt every once in a while? If so, what kind do you recommend? The yogurt she ate today was plain unsweetened almond milk yogurt with probiotics (I'm vegan).