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Thread: Injured ~6 week old found

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    Default Injured ~6 week old found

    I have rescued two baby squirrels this year. So when my friend saw a ~6 wk old baby eastern gray squirrel on the sidewalk with a slightly bloody nose she called me. She said she picked it up and it did not seem scared only shocked. 30 seconds later the mother (presumably) began barking from above. The baby cried out to her. Then a hawk swooped down and landed on the telephone pole. The mother left. My friend waited ~5 minutes never to see the mother again. Thatís when she called me. I arrived about 10 minutes after the call and when I picked the baby up a tiny bit of blood got on my finger. I brought her home, placed her in a box with some clothing and a heating pad on one side. This was ~9pm. It is now midnight. The baby continues to make a sneezing noice. A few times with tiny tiny splatters of blood. Thankfully, She is making it less and less frequently and no more visible blood. Yet, she still has me very concerned. Anyone know what this may mean? I have her in a dark, silent room. She seems to be having trouble sleeping. I presented a syringe of Pedialyte ~10pm. She was not interested at all. I did not want to force she to drink it due to her possible head/abdomen injury, and her not being dehydrated.

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    First, it sounds like the fall she took caused some damage to her nose therefore the blood. It may not be serious and will subside on its own.

    If at all possible I’d try to reunite with mom immediately. If you take the baby back there this morning and monitor mom may still come and retrieve it. There is a recording of baby cries in the emergency section that you can play from your phone to attempt to get moms attention. Reuniting if possible is ALWAYS the best course of action.

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