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Thread: Meloxicam & Baytril?

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    Default Meloxicam & Baytril?

    Hi All

    I am still working on trying to help Flo recover from an unknown injury/illness. She shows signs of injuries to her abdomen due to a possible fall for which I have her on Meloxicam. I am also giving her Tums as I am wondering whether MBD might have caused the fall.

    Flo is taking formula enthusiastically even though she was wild. She is less keen on solids, just chewing them and spitting most of them out except for cauliflower which she actually swallows. I am trying everything in the hope she gets something in, including healthy block which she spits out.

    She is still having a very hard time moving around even though she jerks her feet when I pinch them. She did sit up for the first time yesterday and scooted/crawled from the feeding pad into her cage. But she mostly just lies in her cage and rests.

    Since yesterday she sounds a bit 'snotty' and I am wondering whether it might be aspiration pneumonia. I am unsure about hearing a constant 'click' when she breathes. It seems more prominent just after I fed and bathed her. Question: Can I give her Baytril while she is on Meloxicam? If so, what is the dosage for a 285g girl?

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    Default Re: Meloxicam & Baytril?

    Didn't you say in a previous post that a neighbor had rehabbed a couple of batches of squirrels? This might be one of those. They might not be as fearful of dogs as they should be.

    If the injuries arose because of being held in the jaws of a dog, the issue of MBD is likely not relevant.

    There may have been damage to the squirrel's rib cage, possibly broken ribs, which may result in labored breathing. So, once again in that instance AP is likely not in play from the initial injury.

    Who owns the little dog? Is it on a leash?

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