Hey everyone - I would appreciate it if someone could help me with things from outside to feed my guys. I know apple (not sprayed), maple and oak. Pine trees but I think thereís a difference between the three and five needle ones and the cones? I think cherry like Japanese cherry. What other trees? Locust? Ginkgo? Will they eat bamboo? What about bushes? I have raspberry plants still growing - no fruit. Nettle? I give them fresh dandelion greens. I feel there is so much Iím missing. Iíve searched the site and I must not be using the right words because I end up with 300+ pages to search through. Ive searched the web and again, must not be using the correct terms because I just want a list of the good and what to avoid. I know about acorns.

Could any of you more senior and more knowledgeable people please create a list of wild flora? Iím in the NE - Delaware. I would greatly appreciate it.