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Thread: Seeking information about becoming wildlife rehabber in Georgia, and vet.

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    Default Seeking information about becoming wildlife rehabber in Georgia, and vet.

    I was the default wildlife rehabber for injured or orphaned squirrels, duck, and geese for a park I lived next to here in Georgia for about five years until 2014 when we moved away from the area of the park. During that time I never obtained my license to rehab. Now since my older children have grown up and moved on and I have more time to dedicate to other interests I have been entertaining the idea of becoming a licensed rehabber for just squirrels. I have also had the opportunity to rehab a grey squirrel recently and he resparked my interest more than anything. I was hoping there might be some licensed rehabbers in Georgia I that could provide some pointers, guidance, knowledge, and best practices? I am also looking for a vet in the Marietta/Atlanta, Georgia area to do a vet check on the squirrel I have most recently rehabbed before I release him? And discuss if it in his best interest to release him at this point in the season? He has had some hurdles to overcome as a baby (being attacked by a cat and lump that grew on his rear leg) and I want to ensure Iím giving him the best possible chance to have the best squirrelly life he can have. Any information and assistance would be so much appreciated!

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