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Thread: Eating and drinking

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    I'm so glad Sally is eating the block, good girl Sally
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    I'm not poof reading any of this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Monkey View Post
    That is great news about her gaining weight.

    Are you giving her yogurt? She needs it.

    They need some probiotic to rebuild the bacteria in their digestive system which get injured by the antibiotics. The yogurt contains those probiotics.

    So, she may be eating Conan's poop as a way to get that bacteria that she needs for her digestion.

    In medicine for humans there is such a thing as poop transplants. She is doing the animal world equivalent of that.

    I wouldn't be worrying about it. It suggests that her appetite has picked up substantially. That behavior should stop once the antibiotics are stopped and the bacteria that inhabit a healthy digestive system return.
    I give her boo balls too that i have add yogurt
    I dont think that she eat poops
    I asked cuz she sniff the too much and i wanted to know if it was a problem if she ate them

    Today sally weight 230 gr and konan 348

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