I recently rescued a baby squirrel whose home was cut down and mommy did not return. I waited 12 hrs keeping a close watch and by that point the bby was cold and dehydrated. I immediately gave up and got her and my first goal was to warm her. I jave a plastic storage tub half way on a heating pad with fleece blankets. Then i got some puppy formula and started feeding based off of her weight. she has been thriving and doing great until last night. Btw im guessing she is about 4 weeks. She has recently started being able to pull the milk out of the syringe herself. she can't fully do it alone but one she gets a good rhythm she can. well twice she has aspirated and now my worst fears are here she has clicking noise when breathing. Ive went to several vets they refuse to see her bc she is an illegal pet and they don't know anything about her. Im going to attempt to buy baytril online but have no idea which one to get and how much to give. They have drops(for ears it says) they have injection and pills. please someone help. Im trying sooo hard and me and my kids already love her and I can't handle losing her after all the effort and time I have put in. Ive never even been around a squirrel till now and researched and researched to know what I know now not including the no sleep.