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Thread: White stool with FV 20/50

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    Default White stool with FV 20/50

    Hello, anyone know if FV 20/50 can cause white stools? And if so, is this okay?
    Recently transitioned a baby to 20/50 - slowly, over the course of a few days. Yesterday was the first day he had a full day of 20/50. Today, every stool was white. Solid (not runny), healthy looking otherwise. 110 grams - getting 5% body weight feedings 4x day. The other babies on same schedule/formula are pooping normal. Could it be that he can't digest the 20/50?
    FYI - he is not getting calcium from any other source -- other than a few high protein blocks in the cage for all the babies to nibble - barely touched. Thanks.

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    Default Re: White stool with FV 20/50

    White stools usually indicate overfeeding, but typically get loose but from your post it dose not seem to be overfeeding.

    Any chance that the same baby may have accidentally been fed twice at one sitting (it happens)?

    Is anything being added to the FV?

    If this continues you might transition this one back the previous formula and see if it corrects.

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