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Thread: Update in suddenly picky eater

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    Default Update in suddenly picky eater

    I’ve been trying to get Henny to eat her veg and blocks for days. She’s eating less each day...but extremely active. She’s out today for a couple hours in the house running, darting jumping and climbing. She seems fine except so little food. This morning she only ate her yogurt. No block. At lunch she wouldn’t even eat a Henry’s peanut treat chunk. I’ve been reading here and looked at the calcium phosphorus chart again and got really worried this was early MBD... I feed her a slice of banana each morning with yogurt and two cubes of avocado At Dinner with her other veg and blocks. I also gave her three hickory nuts last week every other day. I wondered if I tipped her calcium balance too far off so I decided to give her a tums to just be safe. I hope this wasn’t stupid. She ate about half of a 750mg tablet and jumped right out of her bed and ate half a HHB. Is this coincidental? I’m gonna go to strictly HHB tonight for dinner and I’ve ordered the hi protein and picky blocks.
    She’s always such a good eater I feel like I’ve done something to upset the balance and I need to correct the problem. Hope I’m doing the right thing and appreciate any advice.

    Thank you to those here that have offered the information so far. It’s been helpful. Henny was so injured and overcome so much already I surely don’t want to cause her any harm now.

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    Default Re: Update in suddenly picky eater

    Stop feeding any nuts. Nuts are an occasional treat not a daily treat, especially if she’s not eating the good foods that are provided for her.

    She may also have a stash of nuts that she’s eating instead of her good food.

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