Hello! I just want to start out by saying how awesome everyone is on here! I have been reading through everyoneís posts and they have helped me get this far in raising my little guy!

My husband found our baby 4 weeks ago this Friday and he was maybe only a day or two old at that time. He is not acting himself in last few days and Iím getting really worried.

Age: 4 weeks (almost)
Weight: 60 grams
Food: Goatmilk,yogurt, heavy whipping cream

Issue: Started not eating and now only eats if Iím pushy with it. His urine started getting a little smelly but I thought maybe hormones but now Iím worried he might have a UTI? He sleeps a lot and seems to move around like heís trying to get comfortable. Could it be because heís teething?Name:  8B9079F8-08C5-4553-8164-A0396405BED0.jpg
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