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Thread: Kermit (NR) needs a home

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    Default Kermit (NR) needs a home

    Hi guys! I'm working rehab in Boise, Idaho and have a tiny red squirrel in my care who deserves a kind, loving, forever home. Kermit came to me after a horrible wind storm where he was blown out of his tree and landed on a driveway. As a result, he is paralyzed from the waist down. His legs may not work but he's compensating for it with a massive heart just longing for a person to give it to. He is the absolute perfect lap squirrel for someone who wants one, but doesn't want the insanity that comes with it.
    Kermit is a great squirrel as he is also 100% potty trained! That's right...he ONLY goes on command...or actually, he can't go unless you help him, which means no unexpected surprises or mysterious pooping locations. He needs to be expressed several times a day, but is very patient with it and is beginning to associate it with feeding which makes him incredibly amiable to having it done.
    He loves to be held, cuddled, and carried around (preferably in your sports bra where he can hear your heartbeat and occasionally peek out for a look around.)
    He is approximately 4 weeks old, eats very well, and will stay with me until he is fully weaned so I can make sure he's transitioned well and that there are no other major issues that come up in that time. I know it's still a bit of time before I let him go, but I wanted to use this time to find him the perfect person.
    Kermit prefers to go to someone who spends a lot of time at home, has a soft lap just right for naps, and who likes to lay on the couch and watch movies and tv. At this time he seems to have no issues with dogs, ferrets, or turtles. I am unsure about cats. I would keep Kermit, but I am currently raising 19 other baby squirrels as well as wild orphan mice and have a permanent menagerie of ferrets, dogs, turtles, lizards and mice. I want Kermit to go to a home where he is the (deserving) center of attention.
    Please give Kermie a home...he deserves a shot at furever love.
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    Default Re: Kermit (NR) needs a home

    I live in oklahoma and just released my Nawna. I would love to take the little guy but just dont know how I would get to him because I dont fly lol. Hes handsome.

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