Hello there. 4 days ago, my mother found a baby squirrel at her work, who was just laying on the sidewalk. One of her co-workers picked him up and put him near a tree, figuring he would climb up there or be picked up by his mother or something, but nearly 2 hours later he was still sitting there, exhausted, weak, and using his remaining energy to cling onto a tree trunk. He was also quite hungry as well. I went down there and decided to bring him home with me, after scanning the area thoroughly for any nests or any other squirrels, but there were none.

So I decided to take him back with me, thinking he'd have a better chance at survival with us rather than being left to the elements. He responded well to Pedialyte, but spent a lot of time sleeping. That night, we took him to a wildlife rehabilitator, who estimated his age to be around 5-6 months. She also gave us plenty of supplies, including Fox Valley 32/40, Gerber baby food, and diced apples. Currently, he lives in my deceased bird's small cage, and spends most of his time sleeping. When he is awake, he enjoys climbing on me, making his way up my arms, and pooping everywhere. Luckily, he needed no stimulation to use the bathroom, he was able to do it on his own.

I currently feed him the baby food with a syringe, multiple times a day, and he often shows disinterest in the pedialyte or the formula. When he is hungry, he does grab onto the syringe with his paws. My main worries are if I am feeding him enough, as he often will eat only a small amount before refusing to eat any more, simply turning his head away when I try to prod him into feeding. I'm quite worried that he isn't getting the required amount he needs, and I hate the thought of him wasting away. Am I doing things right? Should I be more persistent with the Pedialyte and food? I'm just as worried of hurting him as I am of him dying on me. I want this little guy to make it.

Thank you.