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Thread: 911...HELP...Baby Squirrel fading fast!

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    Default 911...HELP...Baby Squirrel fading fast!

    Two days ago i found a baby squirrel it is fading like kittens do with FKS...please give me some advice on what may be the problem and if there is anything else I can do

    .I've given subQ fluid injection, Pedialyte, and sugar on gums...the sugar seems to help slot but he's still coming.pletet limp
    Also the bin he'd been placed in got knidabthrown around and idk if that may have contributed

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    Default Re: 911...HELP...Baby Squirrel fading fast!

    Not a whole lot of history to try to come to a conclusion and help...

    How was he doing the last 2 days?

    If you said the bin has been kind of thrown around, well, yes that could result in TBI.

    When you hold him to your ear like a phone, do you hear a clicking sound with each breath? If this is the case he will need antibiotics... along with the clicking other signs of Aspiration Pneumonia are lethargy, loss of appetite/

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    Default Re: 911...HELP...Baby Squirrel fading fast!

    Have any pics of your baby?

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