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Thread: One Hour of Baby Squirrel Cries to attract the Mother

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    Exclamation One Hour of Baby Squirrel Cries to attract the Mother

    I have created a one hour long video of baby squirrels crying, for the purpose of attracting a mother to collect them.
    (No... i did not torture a baby for an hour. I collected 7 different cries, mixed them up and overlapped them to make it sound more organic)
    Please bookmark the link to this video, and tell people to play the video on a cellphone that is placed in the box with the babies to attract the mother to collect them.
    As the creator and owner of this video.. I give all persons and entities the right to download, copy, and distribute this video for the purpose it is intended.

    Admins may move this post to appropriate forum and sticky it if they feel it will be useful.

    Bookmark Link:


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