About nine days ago I posted an observation on Roxy's tail (second half of tail dragging). I was very disappointed to hear back that it is most likely broken and would require amputation. And sometimes a squirrel will do it themselves as someone explained on the post reply. Well, I'm happy to report that her tail looks much better now, and not dragging. What I notice now however that the second half of her tail is not as full and fluffy as it used to be. More kind of 'V' shaped at the end. My prognosis is that since she is nursing, she may have been pulling fur from her tail to supplement her nesting material. I've noticed on previous litters Roxy would pull fur from her belly, particularly for the reason to provide better access to her nipples for her babies to nest. So what I'm thinking now is that maybe Roxy accidently bit into the meat of her tail which caused a temporary injury. What are your comments on my prognosis ? Have you heard of this phenomenon with other mother squirrels ? Many thanks.....in advance.