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Thread: Baby Gray Squirrel with urination issues

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    Default Baby Gray Squirrel with urination issues

    I'm a rehabber with a late season baby gray squirrel. I never see the baby urinate. The bedding is never wet. She eats very well and is lively and shows no signs of distress. Her belly begins relatively flat in the morning and gets round by night (suggesting lack of elimination?). Yet the next morning, she is up and as seemingly healthy as usual.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Baby Gray Squirrel with urination issues

    How old is she? Have you been stimulating her to urinate?

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    Default Re: Baby Gray Squirrel with urination issues

    Red Rocket,

    Critter mom is one of the beat on here. I have about 10 favorite ppl you can trust and shes 1 of them.

    I'm sure since you said you are a rehabber I'm sure you know that they generally dont pee on their own till 5 to seven weeks depending in the squirrel, or fully cured.

    Every squirrel is different. Some 6 weeks some 7 weeks .

    I usually know when they pee on their own when they pee on me the first time.

    Wish I could offer more help.

    I did run across a thread on how to express the bladder but dont do that until u know for sure and you can get back with CRITTER mom.



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    Default Re: Baby Gray Squirrel with urination issues

    One way to check is by putting some paper towel(s) in the bottom of the container. As opposed to the fleece which won't show the wet spot, it will allow you to see if any part got wet. If she sleeps on fleece, it should show on the paper towel since they don't usually pee where they sleep.
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