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    On June 13th I was out disk gulfing and noticed a Chipmunk on the ground. He was moving very slow and would go in circles with his head tilted only making it a very little distance going straight. I was going to just let nature take its course but I felt bad knowing he had very little chance in his condition. I decided I was going to take him home and after 24 hrs I was going to find a rehabber to take care of him. After having no luck at finding anyone I decided I was going to try and keep him. Ive had previous experience with wild life but never chipmunks, so I did a lot of research and reached out to a lady I knew rehabbed squirrels (she was unable to take him and eventually just didn't message back). She suggested that he has bugs in his ears probably and to get kitten ear mite drops to use. I did and would put them in once a day and his ears did perk up after. But i stopped after about 4 days cause his hair behind one ear started to fall out and i was worried it was irritating him.

    I ended up putting him in a hamster cage with pine bedding/grass and a Stick to climb onto a sunning area for him. I fed him a diet of: sunflower seeds, acorns, raisins, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, apple slices, orange slices, crickets, wax worms, and various bugs.
    He never would drink from the water bottle or the dish of water I left from him, so i got a syringe and would drip a sugar water on the cage bottom and on his paws and he would suck it up. Then i moved to normal water dong the same.

    Now he is very quick and good at climbing he also will not let us hand feed him or by him any more. He will eat the food I leave still though. He is still doing circles but quicker and other movements are more controlled. I feel like he needs to be released but not sure 100% was looking for someone more experienced opinion on what to do.
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