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Thread: What happened to Luna

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    Default What happened to Luna

    Hi, something has been bothering me this past week. A beautiful soul, and a good friend who is a squirrel named Luna is missing, and I have some ominous suspicions.

    I go to a big nature park everyday to feed and observe the fowl and squirrel. There is a specific location I go to for the squirrel where a small community thrives. Out of this community two females have bond' with me while the others remain timid. The first one I befriended is named squirrel girl, she is an aggressive and dominant female who wins skirmishes with the others and shares a burrow with the alpha of the community named Buster.

    I later met Luna who is a neighbor of squirrel girl. Luna is very cute, smart, feminine, and tentative but always the first to have approached me. She is smart because she learned to give me a kiss for food much quicker than squirrell girl who was always too hyper active and slow to catch on. Unfortunately smarts doesn't get you respect , because Luna is picked on (not by SG) and always chased for her food into her burrow. I have never seen Luna skirmish, which is surprising since squirrell are rough and tough animals. She is very gentle. But I equally love squirrell girl because she was the first and she was the one who taught me so much prior to Luna's arrival . Both SG and Luna are young females.

    As summer hit and the months passed by , squirrel girl got fat and started crying everytime before she approached me for food. You know, the Eee eee eee. Suddenly a week and a half ago Luna stopped coming and I haven't seen her since. Not only that but squirrell girl now runs into Luna's home after receiving food from me which she never did prior to Luna's dissaperance. She always ran to her burrow. Buster is also gone. I never saw any kind of relation between buster and Luna. It is possible buster was an older fella, alot of battle scars.

    I was thinking is it possible squirrell girl got rid of Luna out of primitive jealousy and took her home which is closer to my table. Or is she expanding territory? Maybe a hawk got her...Either way, I forgive SG if she did a horrible act, and I hope that beautiful soul of Luna is reincarnated as a beautiful conciouss being.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: What happened to Luna


    I assume these are ground squirrels because you talk about burrows? I am only familiar with gray squirrels, but I have watched them much like you have.

    I have found that grey squirrels change their residences quite often. I would get used to a squirrel greeting me every morning from a tree, and say goodnight to them there in the evening. But never see it in the afternoon. Then several weeks later, they were not there morning or night, but would come visit me in the afternoon. ?

    Another story. I had a favorite wild squirrel that would take nuts from my hand, called her Nutkin. She was so feisty that when we met, she charged me from out of nowhere when I was working in my garden. I had nuts in my pocket and so I leapt backwards and tossed this charging squirrel a nut. She did this everyday. One day I got tired of feeling harassed by this squirrel, though I love squirrels I was not fond of being stalked and charged at. So in a bold move, I offered my hand with a few nuts straight at her face. I knew I was taking a chance!! It was her time to balk, and she stopped and looked at me. Whew! :-). Then she took the nut out of my hand to my GREAT relief. From that time on, she was very kind, did not charge me, and very softly took nuts from my hand for months. Then one day she didn't come. I thought of all sorts of things that could have happened to her. I missed her and was sad. 5 months later she showed up. ??? And was like her normal self for another 6 months to a year, I can't remember. There was a point where she was gone, I haven't seen her for over a year or two now. But that was amazing to me that she left and went somewhere for 5 months.

    All that to say, we can think, and hypothesize all we want, but these creatures have some ways that we might not quite understand. I hope that helps you as you enjoy your lovely squirrel friends.

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