A friend found a baby ground squirrel in northern idaho that she gave me to care for it's mother was killed as well as it's sibling by some people and he was left for dead until she discover him. I'm scared he has aspirated his formula he has a clicking noises when breathing. He eats great and sleeps most of the day in my bra lol When I set him down he does act very alert running around to find me ect I've had him since Saturday. I need to know how many breaths per minute a baby squirrel should be taking to watch his breathing and also where I can get Cipro and the dosage for him. He did have fly eggs on him I picked off and did have fleas that seemed to have vacated maybe? As they are all gone off him now. I believe he is about 5 weeks fully furred and has two front teeth. He eats kitten formula great not doing th solids yet and has been going to the bathroom mostly on his own. I just know for a fact he is clicking with every breath and want to treat him like now before it's to late
Help please