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Thread: Beautiful Baby Bo, a Costa Rican Princess

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    Default Re: Beautiful Baby Bo, a Costa Rican Princess

    The MILKMOUF! Perfection! She is beautiful! Goooood mama!

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    Default Re: Beautiful Baby Bo, a Costa Rican Princess

    Quote Originally Posted by agustinanavarro View Post
    Hi everybody!

    It's been a while since I posted updates on my variegated baby, BABY BO

    I'm deeply in love with her. It's magical to see her growing up, and to see her develop into an actual squirrel!
    She's a sweetheart. Still sleeping a lot, but also playful. We added some small branches to her box and she's so happy running over them, and playing by herself.

    She's also doing amazing with our homemade formula. She loves it, she eats with such enthusiasm...Also, she's pooping a lot and all by herself. I look at her and I can't believe how much she grew up in the past days. Her weight is now over 115gr.

    Some good news: I was finally able to place an order for rodent blocks (and some other supplis) on Henry's I found a cheap and trustable courier here in CR that will ship the supplies from the States.

    And thanks to all your help I might be able to make my own blocks in the meantime. I'm so grateful for all the help, really!

    Finally, some cute pictures of my chubby baby Bo.

    Attachment 315347Attachment 315348Attachment 315349
    She's beautiful!

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    Default Re: Beautiful Baby Bo, a Costa Rican Princess

    Hi there

    We're still waiting for our Henry's order to arrive to CR any day now. I can't wait to give Bo her healthy blocks. I noticed she started biting and chewing stuff during the past week...She haven't done it before, so I can feel she'll be happy with the blocks.

    This week she tried some bananas, and she was euphoric She loved them!

    She's still having her homemade formula, soon we'll swap to Fox Valley. She eats, poops, and pees a lot.

    She's a funny funny girl.

    In the next weeks we're gonna start building a huge cage for her, always thinking about releasing day. But in the meantime, we've moved her into our dogs kennel. We've put some fabrics, branches, stones...and God, she's so so happy. She plays all day long, she climbs, she runs, and she sleeps like an angel.

    Here's some pictures of her.
    Look how grown up she looks!

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    Default Re: Beautiful Baby Bo, a Costa Rican Princess

    Good Lord, she is precious!!!
    Squirrels, squirrels and more squirrels....
    Prayers for the people who make this a better world...

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    Nice yawn! Her coloring is beautiful!

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