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Thread: Is my squirrel playing with me?

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    Question Is my squirrel playing with me?

    I have an American Red Squirrel, when I am home I have him out of enclosure about 98% of the time (I leave him in there with lots of food and water only while I'm sleeping, showering or cooking) other than that he is either climbing the curtains and perching himself on the curtain rod, or climbing all over me!!When I rub his belly he turns over and scratches my finger tips and kinda bites/nibbles on them, and then he'll run around really quick and come back and kinda throw his hands up and do little jumps almost as if he's trying to get attention for my hand again, and when I put it close he jumps at it and continues to nibble and scratch. Is he playing with me? It seems like he really enjoys it and has a good time, but I read somewhere that when squirrels go on they're back its kind of like a defence mechanism or something?

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    Default Re: Is my squirrel playing with me?

    He is wrestling with you and yes, he is absolutely having fun. Your hand is another "squirrel" for him and if you have them in your area, you will see them playing with each other the same way he plays with your hand.

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