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Thread: Thoughts on using the potty and supplies....

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    Default Thoughts on using the potty and supplies....

    Hey all....hope you're safe! So my lil guy uses pet store had cage liners at bottom of his cage. They're costly but work well due to their heavy padded lining....very absorbtive. But...without added baking soda, they stink quick. The soda works, but I'm trying to get away from it for health reasons. I have here an old roll of laser printer paper....huge roll, but unsure if they treat that stuff or not. Is this safe to use in lieu of, or with, his liners if I double/triple it up? My thinking is that by adding even more absorbing power that I can quell the stink a bit. Finally, we take him out of the cage LOTS! He pees on the rug usually. I've heard mixed feelings about leaving a pee box out. Some people think it fine while others say it's morally wrong to try and break a wild animal. Others even say the kitty litter is unhealthy for us and them. A few use a box with just rags in it. Any experience? Thanks!!!!

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    Default Re: Thoughts on using the potty and supplies....

    I use an odorless kitty litter.
    You might try Dollar Tree or Dollar General... I know the Dollar stores in my area carry their own brand of cat litter that is just ground up baked clay, which is very safe.

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