Our squirrel is about 3 years old or so, and around this time of year she starts going into her vicious heat cycle. Very defensive, territorial and nut CRAZY!

I am used to it. She does it about twice a year. She is an Indoor / Outdoor squirrel, she has a huge 12x12x10 enclosure outdoors with all the good stuff, and at night she comes inside to chill, cuddle, eat and sleep.
So I am aware she is going to go through heat cycles from being exposed to the scents outdoors and other squirrels that may come near the enclosure. Yeah the bites and scratches are a drawback. but she is quite healthy and happy for most of the year.

Earlier today she was doing her crazy attack mode and went for my ear, this isnt unusual, I went to pull her off my shoulder and grabbed her tail my accident and she leaped away and I ended up degloving about 1.5 inches of it.
I feel terrible, I know it's not life threatening and I know how to treat it. but I still feel terrible.

I am glad to see I am not alone. The board really helped me out today.

no pics of the tail since she is avoiding me now and already in bed for the night, but here have some avocado instead.

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