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    Last week I found a young squirrel that had fallen from her nest (unable to to climb back up and the mom never came around) so I took her in and started feeding her puppy formula. She's been doing great!

    Today though she started grunting and making noises at me. Is that supposed to be signs of aggression? Is she grumpy because she's still hungry? or something else?

    I also do not know how old she is... my guess is she's about 6 weeks! Her ears and eyes are open she's got fur on the underside of her tail. Her bottom teeth are grown in but her top appear to have just broken through. I tried feeding her kale and apple slices but she can't seem to gnaw on that so I give her the formula about 4-5 ml every 4 hours.

    I would include pictures but I donít know how to attach images so you could tell me if i'm off on the age of the squirrel

    Thank you!!

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