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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1959 View Post
    I know nothing about this condition but I do know there are folks on here that have had their female squirrels spayed for medical reasons. I think the most important aspect of surgery for a squirrel is the competence of the vet regarding anesthesia as well as familiarity with squirrels.

    Dr. Alicia Emerson in Port Orange, Fl, is one of the best squirrel vets in the country. She has been known to confer with other vets regarding squirrels. If you’d like to reach out to her her office number is 386-788-1550.

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    Rosie has recovered completely from her spay. She's the same doughty feisty girl she was before she was ill.
    To all my babies past and present..
    Thank you for showing me how to love
    and be loved unconditionally....
    RIP Timothy

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    So very happy for you and your Rosie that she has fully recovered and is back to her former spry self!

    If you were only to get just one of the nutraceuticals, Pycnogenol is the best overall source for health, as it was found to support the organs. blood vessels, and lends more support to bone density than from the diet alone in rodents.
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