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    Quote Originally Posted by Diggie's Friend View Post
    I can only add that it won't hurt if you give her the soil based bacteria as this helps the body fights pyometra infection naturally.

    If she is spayed you will need to increase the calcium in her diet, for the drop in estrogen from spaying will significantly lower

    the absorption of of calcium into her bloodstream. Please share this file of this study journal on the effects of spaying in female rats, resulting in osteoporosis with your veterinarian. After a year or two it reaches the spine in degenerative bone disease disestablishing it causing painful spasm that debilitates the animal with painful spasms due to the instability that the drop in estrogen from spaying results in.

    If it isn't needful to spay, then it is a better choice to treat with AB and synbiotics (pre and probiotics) to control this condition, to give AB during heats, whereas meds to control the spasms that aren't well effective are required to give twice daily for the rest of the life of the squirrel.

    If not, then the diet will need to be boosted in calcium considerably to offset this problem with Calcium citrate and Magnesium citrate, which were found in Calcium carbonate readily bonds wiwh oxalic acid making what is bonded into Calcium oxalate (insoluble) no longer available to the body to support the bones.
    I'll talk to rehabber's I know about the calcium. But thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1959 View Post
    I know nothing about this condition but I do know there are folks on here that have had their female squirrels spayed for medical reasons. I think the most important aspect of surgery for a squirrel is the competence of the vet regarding anesthesia as well as familiarity with squirrels.

    Dr. Alicia Emerson in Port Orange, Fl, is one of the best squirrel vets in the country. She has been known to confer with other vets regarding squirrels. If you’d like to reach out to her her office number is 386-788-1550.

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