about 3 days ago I came across a baby gray squirrel whoís mother was dead a few feet away. I took the squirrel in and cleaned him out him in a box and Iíve been feeding and caring for him by following advice from this website. He was fine the first few days but two days ago he fell out of his box snd his on the floor until I came to feed him and saw he had escaped. He seems fine as in hes not injured. But now he wonít eat, and he keeping winning every time I put him down or donít touch him for too long. Itís not a high pitched scream itís more a murk. I looked it up and it means heís hungry but he wonít eat??? Help??
Some other information:
He looks as though heís about 3/4 weeks old and his eyes arent open
I have to feed him cows milk (unless thereís a better thing I might have in my house) becuase I canít leave or buy anything else due to the pandemic
Iíve been keeping him warm with a lamp and he looks healthy besides the fact that he wonít eat anymore
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