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Thread: How to stop a squirrel running in the road??

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    Default How to stop a squirrel running in the road??

    Hi all,

    Thank you for giving your time to take a look - in need of advice here.

    I have a lovely squirrel that comes to visit me everyday a couple of times. She has come to my terrace since last September with her mother (that was my original regular).

    The original mother I don't see anymore, but this squirrel made her nest in one of the gardens somewhere across the busy road I live on after she parted from her mother in December some time.

    I would watch her regularly climb the tree on my side of the street and jump on to branches on the tree on the other side of the road over the traffic - I have tried not to think too much about it.

    Just yesterday for the first time, I saw her run across the road. The road is slightly less busy because of the lockdown, but I have never seen her do this before. I hoped it was a one off and the traffic would scare her and make her stop - but I saw her doing the same today.

    I am so anxious about it. I have to try and stop looking over my balcony every hour during the day. Is there anything I can do to stop this? There are a couple of squirrels from the other side that come this way, so even if I stopped feeding her (which would break my heart) it seems this way is somewhere they come. Plus, she was born on this side and her mother's nest was this side. I have hoped over time she would make a new nest on my side of the road, but she hasn't. I also notice she must have had babies recently as her nipples are showing.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

    Thanks for your time,


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    Default Re: How to stop a squirrel running in the road??

    Every time I see a squirrel out in the road when I am driving, I honk repeatedly at it - scares the heck out of them. I am sure the people who live in the area just LOVE my doing this but I don't care. My hope is always that they become frightened of the big car and stop the risky behavior...

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