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Thread: Posting for Squirry/ seeking advice

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    Hi, My Indian palm squirrel is chewing up everything possible at home though I keep sufficient fud, water n milk for him.. Is there a way I can stop him.Also we keep the balcony doors open for him to go out n come bk but he doesnít, as other squirrels are chasing him. Do u think other squirrels will harm him as heís been with humans since heís born? He was rescued when he was around 4 weeks(May be) He is around 4 months old now. When do I expect him to start looking for a mate? Will other squirrels really accept him? Pls help me as am due for my delivery in the next 15 days and my family is scared that he will harm the new born baby coz heís v attached to me n wants me by his side all the time. My body is scratched all over due to his thorn like nails, as he climbs n runs over me all the time. Help me with a solution pls.. heís my first baby n am emotionally very attached to him. donít know what to do with my baby coming into our life shortly. Pls help🙏
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